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New music video from #motionlessinwhite - Devil’s Night. #infamous

New music video from #motionlessinwhite - Devil’s Night. #infamous

Hey…Hey you……yes you….Do me a favor? Pleaseeee

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- Annie (: <3



Spain, ive always wanted to travel there and learn more about their culture (:

** My Testimony **

This is my personal Testimony. I don’t care if you like it or not. This was my past and God has forgiven me for it so you shouldnt hold it against me.  Some people knew i had problems, but not even my close friends knew about things i was struggling with until recently.I may not have a testimony from how church camp changed my life, but i do have one from ELEVATE “Impact” 2011. Well, here it is.

On February 24th & 25 2011, my life was changed forever.

I walked into Elevate the same way I did the past two years…I walked in knowing I had problems, but was I really willing to change?

In 2009, I walked in as an active cutter and was dating a non-believer. I knew both was wrong, but who was It really hurting? My head wasn’t all there. I was distracted by this kid I liked so I really wasn’t all worried about what was going on around me…… They did an alter call to all who are willing to save themselves and abstain from sex…..all of my youth was going up so I did too….I knew that I’ve screwed up in the past so why not start new?

Anyways, I prayed the prayer, and cried the tears and walked out of Elevate with my head held high. After leaving, I stopped dating the non-believer, but continued to turn to cutting to solve all my problems. And watching porn to control my lust need….Months later, I met a guy and he made me feel like the queen of the world. He told me everything I wanted to hear. I felt that I loved him…he told me the famous line ever “if you really loved me, you would have sex with me.” So guess what? I did. And like a week later, he dumped me for my best friend.

So I decided to give up guys for awhile so I can focus more important things in life like school and God. My family became closer to me and everything seemed to be going great. Then I began to argue with my dad. The person I’ve always had been close to. He would say “ you are going to church too much” and then not allow me to go to youth events….I prayed more, and my family seemed like they were all going against me…Then I realized it wasn’t them, but the devil that was eating away at me.

I began to trust again but started to fall away with my Christian life. I started getting high on a daily basis. I felt like I needed it to feel great about myself. After getting high with a friend, I attempted to drive back to my dads at 1 am. I lost all sense what was going on. I couldn’t feel my hands on the steering wheel. I almost swerved into on coming traffic. That night I knew I needed to stop.

I went to Elevate this year knowing this was my last chance to make a change. It was now or never. I didn’t hold back. I gave god all my problems and my addictions. These things were only holding me back with walking with my god. Since that day, I haven’t cut myself since June 2010, haven’t smoked ciggs or weed since Jamuary 2011, and no longer addicted to porn. I am free by the power of my lord Jesus Christ.

I am no longer THAT girl, but now THIS girl. (:

Can You Hear It?

My heart is screaming, 

can you hear it?

Fighting for his attention,

but always loses the battle.

Its feeds off his love.

Every second. Every day.

The heart wanting more 

with every smile;

Beating faster with every breath.

Begging to be loved,

but always comes back empty.

Why me?! It screams. Why?!

Slowly the heart begins to fade into oblivion.

Caring less for the love it can’t have.

Giving up.

No more trying.

Just a screaming heart.

Can you hear it?


Her heart beats 

faster than the speed of light.

It knows what its after,

but cant have it.

She cries

but no one sees.

She speaks

but no one is there to listen.

She is left alone in the shadows of darkness.

Hearing voices in her head.

Will it ever stop?

Only when death comes near.

To her, love doesn’t exist.

Love has passed away

along with the hopes she once treasured.

She continues to walk the earth 

hoping to find the meaning to the sorrow she calls her life.

Game Over

Holding pieces

to this heart.

All is broken

and falling apart.

Tears crash down

like rain in the sky.

Memories and dreams

just kissed goodbye.

Days go by

slower then ever.

With the lie in my head 

"we’ll always be together."


on things we use to do.

Wondering why 

you couldn’t stay true.

"Don’t hate the player,

hate the game.”

Why not hate both?

It ends the same.

In this game

the player cannot win.

He has cheated the game

and committed a sin.

There’s a new game

and i’ve already won.

Its called “life.”

Go get you one.(; 

Giving Up

Take me, pull me,

throw me down.

Beat me, kick me,

watch me frown.

Getting pleassure 

from my pain.

Make me cry,

the strength you gain.

Sweet little lips

tell the biggest of lies.

Lost in the moment,

as i gazed into those eyes.

One of my FAVORITE songs and they put me and my sign in the music video at 3:16.(: